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Four real-life stories of faith - Small group study resource

Be inspired by the stories of four ordinary Christians who were given a bold vision by God – and dared to make it a reality. They each played a key part in the creation of SAT-7 – the Middle East’s first indigenous Christian television network that is watched by millions in the region today.  

In People of Faith, you will meet Dr Terence (Terry) Ascott, the visionary founder, who bravely pursued his calling through war zones and personal trials. You will also encounter Rita El-Mounayer from Lebanon, Sara Afshari from Iran, and Melih Ekener from Türkiye, who each had a life-changing call from God to join the mission of SAT-7. The resource can be used by individuals or small groups. 

As you read their stories, ask God what He may be daring you to believe – and do – in your own life and ministry

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Alongside each excerpt are insights into the Middle East and SAT-7, and questions for group or individual reflection. As you read the stories and learn about SAT-7’s ministry in a challenging region, this booklet invites you to reflect on how God may be calling you to dare to believe in your own life and work.

Supporting materials, including a short PowerPoint and videos, are available for use with a small group. This resource can be used with people who already know about SAT-7, or to introduce others to the ministry.

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