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Welcome to the Middle East Briefing podcast brought to you by SAT-7. Conflict. Poverty. Persecution. That’s the story of the Middle East we’ve become accustomed to. But amidst the crises you see and hear on the news, there is another story being told. For over 26 years SAT-7 has shown God’s love across the Middle East and North Africa broadcasting across four television channels and digital media, in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish - reaching millions of viewers in 25 countries, 365 days a year. Join us at home or on the go, as we take a stand against the negativity and despair that so often surrounds the region. Look out for The Briefing long-read article online. Listen as we unpack the news and issues in our 7-minute podcasts. Subscribe today on your platform of choice and stay even more in touch with the latest news, features and in-conversation interviews by signing up today at