7-Minute Briefing: The cost of war and a call to forgive

The Holy Land and Sudan continued to suffer ruinous wars this month. Millions of people face hunger and starvation in Sudan, and famine has now taken hold in Gaza. As the Muslim month of Ramadan approached last week, international efforts to end both conflicts were intensifying.

Hopes for a 40-day ceasefire between Hamas and Israel were disappointed last week. Israel has so far held off a ground invasion in Rafah, where around 1.3 million displaced Gazans have taken refuge. Among them is Dalia, a teenage girl who told SAT-7 about her hopes to finish her education. Click here to read the Briefing and watch Dalia tell her story.

Calls for revenge can be deafening in the Middle East and North Africa, where lives are regularly torn apart by national conflicts and community tensions. But SAT-7 is sharing a radically different message through the stories of Christians who choose to follow Christ’s call to forgive their enemies. In this month’s Briefing, you’ll also find the story of Rania, a Lebanese woman who forgave her father’s killer.

And, when the news headlines feel like too much to take, we can always respond by bringing these situations before our heavenly Father in prayer. We invite you to join us on Zoom on 27 March, for what will hopefully be an uplifting and encouraging “40 minutes of prayer for the Middle East”.


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