7-Minute Briefing on Sudan – faith and love amid conflict

This month, in our first ever Country Briefing, we take a closer look at Sudan – a nation that has been gripped by war since April 2023. To date, the conflict has displaced over 8 million people and left around 25 million in dire need of humanitarian aid. Many Christians have faced threats and forced displacement, and churches have been attacked.

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• For protection and safety: Pray for the safety of Christians caught in the crossfire of the ongoing conflict. Ask for God's protection over their lives, homes, and places of worship, and for an end to targeted violence against them.

• For provision of basic needs: Pray for the provision of essential resources such as food, clean water, and medical aid. Many Christians are struggling to survive amidst the fighting, so ask for God's provision and support from international aid organisations.

• For strength and unity: Give thanks for the strength and unity within the Christian community. Ask God to help them support one another and remain strong in their faith despite the challenges they face. Give thanks that through SAT-7, they can find fellowship and support from other believers.

• For peace and stability: Pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sudan. Ask for wisdom and humility for the leaders involved, and for international efforts to successfully mediate and bring about lasting peace.

• For religious freedom: Pray for the protection and enhancement of religious freedoms in Sudan. Ask God to soften the hearts of those in power and to protect the rights of all religious minorities in the country.